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The patented Sheerline® Screen Clad System is an easy-to-install system that provides a low maintenance, attractive screen porch.
The vinyl Screen Clad system is just as easy to install on an existing screen porch, as it is for new construction – simply attach base profiles, roll in the screen and tap in the attractive trim pieces.

Unlike wood or other screen systems, the Screen Clad system completely covers all porch components – both inside and out – and uses a spline system for a professional installation of the screen sections.

Components used for installation include pieces to cover vertical posts, headers, sill and horizontal rails
  • Screen Clad Components consist of a Base, Cap and Clad
  • Available in 9 foot lengths
  • Available to wrap 2”x4”,  2″x6″, 4”x4” and 6”x6” wood posts.
  • Colors:  White and Tan