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Homeland Gorilla Decking

 Gorilla Deck’s interlocking planks have a water shedding surface and is available in White, Adobe (Clay), Mocha Walnut, Honey Maple, Green Teak and Earl Grey colors. Lengths available are 16′, and 20′ . Gorilla Deck is easy to install so it saves money on install price and if you are installing a second story deck and want a dry area below it is the perfect choice. No need to install any type of under deck to stay dry so more money saved on install and product.

Gorilla Deck Board Trim Pieces

  • Gorilla Splice & Starter
  • Gorilla Fascia Splice
  • Gorilla Finish & Fascia
  • Gorilla Fascia Adapter


(Colors may not be exactly as shown)

Mocha Walnut
Honey Maple
Green Teak
Earl Grey